Ben-To anime poster
TV anime
Directed by Shin Itagaki
Music by Taku Iwasaki
Studio David Production
Original run October 9, 2011 – ongoing
An anime television series adaptation of Ben-To, produced by David Production and directed by Shin Itagaki, began airing in Japan from October 9, 2011 on TV Aichi. The main opening theme is "Live for Life: Ōkamitachi no Yoru" (LIVE for LIFE 〜狼たちの夜〜 LIVE for LIFE ~Night of the Wolves~) by Manami, while the ending theme is "Egao no Hōsoku" (笑顔の法則 The Rules of Smiling) by Mariya Ise. The opening theme for episode four is "Treasure!" by Emiri Katō.


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