Asebi Inoue
Asebi Profile Picture
Name Asebi Inoue
Kanji 井ノ上あせび
Romaji Inoue Asebi
Personal stats
Age Unknown
Birthday March 9
Gender Female
Status Active
Professional stats
Occupation None
Bento Brawler
Affiliation None
First appearance
Anime Episode 5
Japanese Ayana Taketatsu
English Lindsey Seidel
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Asebi is a schoolmate of Shaga who is also in the gaming club at their school. She is cursed with bad luck which spreads to anybody she touches. She is known by other bento brawlers by the moniker Reaper.


She is usually wearing a cap on head and has a scarf other than her uniform.


Being a child, Asebi tends to act in a childlike manner. She is very kind and considerate to anyone. She is however, oblivious to the fact that she is cursed with bad luck, and when something bad happens, she tends to forget it. The only thing she seems to know is that she always has a cold. In short, she is a oblivious and kind child.


Shaga and Asebi are friends who are in the gaming club. It is shown that Shaga does tend to avoid her, but overall still likes her.

Sato also seems to like Asebi, however, upon learning about her bad luck, and after having it spread to him, he started to avoid her more often. Though she still considers him to be a great friend.


Asebi has no other abilities except for a bad luck curse, where is she touches something, anyone who touches it will get bad luck. Upon walking up in a bento brawl, all of the brawlers were cursed with bad luck and giving her the title, Reaper, only because she caused so much trouble for the brawlers without actually participating in it.

She can alter the taste of any food she prepares, causing it to taste completely different then it should and even gain or lose flavors, this is first shown when she prepared a bento for Sato.

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