Hana Oshiroi
Hana Oshiroi
Name Hana Oshiroi
Kanji 白粉 花
Romaji Oshiroi Hana
Personal stats
Gender Female
Status Active
Professional stats
Occupation High School Student (Year 1)
Bento Brawler
Affiliation Half Priced Food Lovers Club
First appearance
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Aoi Yūki
English Felecia Angelle
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Hana Oshiroi is an easily excitable girl who joins the Half Priced Food Lovers Club at Karasama Private High School. Her hobby is writing erotic yaoi novels, having its characters inspired on various bento brawlers. She also has an inferiority complex due to being bullied.


Oshiroi is girl of small stature and has brown hair. She is always wearing glasses and carrying her bag which contains her laptop along with her.


She is a very excitable person and gets especially excited when something crazy happens to Yoh Satou or he does something out of character and often gets nosebleeds.

As a result of being constantly bullied, Hana would often wipe other people's hands due to insults of being infectious towards her. Since meeting Satou and Yarizui, she eventually stopped doing so.

Hana usually writes about what is happening around her, usually giving other characters nicknames or changing them slightly so no one suspects what exactly she is writing about. She often blurts out the nicknames by accident and whenever she reveals another "chapter" in her novel, Yoh is usually there to stop her by pulling on her hair.


Ume Shiraume had been her only friend since elementary school. Even then, Hana enjoyed writing novels and sharing them with Ume. To this day, Ume still has a disturbing influence on Hana, bathing with her countless times and constantly stealing her from Satou.


Hana has no actual fighting abilities and instead she tends to quickly snatch bento before anyone notices. Which showcases that she is rather smart if she is able to run past multiple brawlers and get bento before any notice. However, this doesn't always work as seen during the first few bento brawls and was knocked out when she failed to do get past the brawlers quickly.


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