Kiku Matsuba
Kiku Matsuba
Name Kiku Matsuba
Kanji 菊松葉
Romaji Matsuba Kiku
Personal stats
Gender Female
Status Active
Professional stats
Occupation God of Discounts
Bento Brawler
Wolf (formerly)
Affiliation East Wolves (formerly)
First appearance
Anime Episode 5
Japanese Sayaka Ohara
English Caitlin Glass
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Kiku Matsuba was a Wolf of the East during the time of Yuu Kaneshiro. She is given the title of Monarch Butterfly. She has retired form Bento Brawling and is now a God of Discounts.


Kiku has a slender figure and is usually dressed in a top and jeans. She usually wears a bandana and an apron on her dress while working at the store. Otherwise, she dresses rather casually.


She has a very kind personality and let an injured Yoh Satou rest in the back store of the supermarket. She is also kind enough to offer several people free tickets to a pool, which also held bento brawls. She can be easily upset, as shown when Ren Nikaidou and Tadaaki Endou put their plan in action and beat Sen Yarizui to give themselves an advantage.


She was once the strongest Wolf in the East. She fought one-on-one against Yuu Kaneshiro in a battle of East and West which she lost after a long fight. Not much is known about her other than that she was a senior of Ren Nikaidou and Tadaaki Endou and was good friends with the two.

At some point, she got married and had decided to retire from bento brawling and become a God of Discounts, not knowing that Endou would avenge her loss and take her name, bearing the title of Monarch.


Due to her strength, she got the title of Monarch, and she was able to match up to Yuu's fighting abilities.


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