Kyou Sawagi (Vice President)
Kyo Sawagi.Vice Prez
Name Kyou Sawagi
Kanji 沢桔 鏡
Romaji Sawagi Kyō
Personal stats
Gender Female
Professional stats
Occupation High School Student
School Vice President
Bento Brawler
First appearance
Anime Episode 7
Japanese Yui Horie
English Anastasia Munoz
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Kyou Sawagi (沢桔 , Sawagi Kyō) is the school vice president of Ayame's school, Sawaga High School. She has an older twin sister of the same name.


Like her sister, she has silver coloured hair and grey eyes. She has shorter hair compared to her sister's long hair.


Unlike her sister, she is quiet, patient, humble, and rather gentle. And she also tends to act as if she is the older sister when she is the younger one. Regardless of the decisions her sister makes, she supports her anyway and often comforts her when she feels too stressed to continue. Occasionally, she will also share the same thoughts with her, mirroring her personality (hence the kanji in part of her name meaning mirror).


A long time ago while they were young, Kyō and her sister witnessed a bento brawl, which influenced them to the point of them wanting to become noble wolves when they got older.

Three years before the story begins, they became a pair of bento brawlers known as Orthrus. They were unstoppable until a wolf going by the name Hercules drove them away, deeming the twins too strong for the other wolves to fight, making all the brawls boring and one-sided. The twins lost all desire to continue until they heard about Sen Yarizui and how she defeated the Monarch.


As part of Orthrus, she and her sister form a nearly unstoppable pair. They usually rely on shopping baskets to subdue their opponents easily, though they have reasonable fighting skill without the assistance of baskets. Despite this, they are far from invincible, as proven by Yō who managed to defeat them off-screen in episode 12.


  • Her sister's name means "Bellflower" and it's written as 梗, while her name means "mirror" and it's written as 鏡.
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