Mikoto Uzu
Name Mikoto
Romaji Uzu
Personal stats
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Status Unknown
Professional stats
Occupation Bento Brawler
Affiliation Half Priced Food Lovers Club
First appearance
Manga Road To Witch Chapter 2
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Mikoto is a manga-only character who is a third year student that appeared in Road To Witch. She is also a veteran bento brawler and served as Sen's rival during her first brawls. She was also the first president of Half Priced Food Lovers Club.


Mikoto is a third year student who is generally seen wearing only her school uniform and only once was she wearing just a sweater. She has black hair along with glasses.


She is a very cold and distant person, and treats whoever she perceives as weak, with much disrespect. She does however hate the feeling of being alone, and enjoys the company of Yuu and Sen, after they both proved themselves to be strong. In general, she is straightforward and cold, but once you get to know her, she's nicer and enjoys having company around.


Without using her 'Venom', Uzu is still a formidable foe even on her own, but her 'Venom' is what sets her apart from all other wolves and also determines the outcome. She can perform karate chops that temporarily paralyzes her enemies. Which Monk is commonly a victim of, and is also one of her most known. Due to this, she rivals Yū and also is able to beat Goatee, Monk, and Sen.


Half Priced Food Lovers Club
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