Tadaaki Endou
Name Tadaaki Endou
Kanji 遠藤 忠明
Romaji Endō Tadaaki
Personal stats
Gender Male
Status Active
Professional stats
Occupation Unknown
Bento Brawler
Affiliation East Wolves
First appearance
Japanese Hiroki Yasumoto
English Chris Rager
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Tadaaki Endou is the King of the East in the world of Bento Brawlers. He is a Wolf who goes by the name Monarch (帝王)


Monarch is a tall muscular man with black hair. He has one string of it hanging in front of his face on the right side He wears a short sleeved white trench coat with a black T-shirt under it.


He has a very nasty personality.  He doesn't mind using dirty tactics in order to win.  He even has a surveillance system set up to monitor the movements and habits of other wolves in order to trap and destroy them.


Endou is very tall and huge as compared to other brawlers. He mostly relies on his physical strength rather than speed. He is strong to fight on par with Sen but uses underhanded tricks like using a group of fighters to fight for him or getting other fighters attacked before the battle.


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