Ume Shiraume
Name Ume Shiraume
Kanji 白梅 梅
Romaji Shiraume Ume
Personal stats
Age 16
Birthday January 11
Gender Female
Status Active
Professional stats
Occupation High School Student (Year 1)
First appearance
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Ai Kayano
English Tia Ballard
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Ume Shiraume is the student council president of Karasama Private High School. She constantly abuses and slaps Satou due to her jealousy and over-protectiveness of Hana.


Ume has long, dark hair and blue eyes. She is often seen wearing her school uniform.


Ume is a soft calm person when around her friend Hana. However, due to her over protectiveness, she does express her dislike towards Satou mainly because of his close relationship with her and she sees him as a bad influence. Showing that she does have an angry side where she constantly tells Satou he has made her angry, and this results in her hitting him and/or stealing Hana away from him when Hana isn't looking. Though she does have a kinder side to her such as when she lost a bento brawl while attempting to protect Hana, she realized she was powerless. And decided to ask Satou to protect Hana for her.


Not much is known about her except for the fact that she is a very rich girl.

Abilities Edit

Ume apparently is a fairly skilled fighter. She is able to beat Satou in ways that indicate that she is no slouch if the time came she had to fight for any reason and she also knows how to hit properly hit pressure points in order to knock people unconscious. However, upon trying to defend Hana from a bento brawler, she failed, showing that she isn't on par with bento brawlers.

Ume Demonstrating Her Fighting Abilities

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